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Calls for Proposals : Asian Try Zero-G 2017-2018

Asian Try Zero-G is a unique program that allows students, young scientists and engineers to propose simple space experiments for JAXA astronauts to demonstrate the difference in the 0-G (i.e. in the International Space Station, ISS) and 1-G (i.e. on the ground) environments for educational purposes. Click here for some of the past Asian Try Zero-G experiments. The demonstration of the space experiments in ISS will be recorded by high-definition video camera, downlink to Earth, edit and use to support education resources for educators. This program highlights the value of microgravity not only to young scientists and engineers but also educators, students as well as public. Asian Try Zero-G brings space closer to young people and inspires young generation the important of space exploration.


National Planetarium Kuala Lumpur and Asian Beneficial Collaboration through "Kibo" Utilization (Kibo-ABC) would like to invite your ideas for the simple space experiment to the 6th "Asian Try Zero-G 2017-2018" program to be conducted in the International Space Station (ISS)/Kibo. The next member of the JAXA ISS crew, astronaut Norishige Kanai, will be assigned for this mission during his stay in the Japanese experiment module "Kibo". Kibo-ABC expects unique, novel and/or informative ideas that have never been done in ISS/Kibo.




  1. Application is open to Malaysian only.
  2. Application categories:
  1. Category 1 - under 18 years old, and
  2. Category 2 - young scientists and engineers 18 to 27 years old.
  1. Application information:
    1. Guideline [PDF: 334KB]
    2. Attachment-1 Available onboard items [PDF: 620KB]
    3. Attachment-2 Application form [Excel: 22KB]
    4. Attachment-3 Application form (sample) [PDF: 189KB]
  2. Submission deadline: 10 April 2017 (MYT 12:00 pm).
  3. Submit your application to tryzerog@gmail.com.


  1. RESULT Announcement


  1. Selection result will be announced on National Planetarium web site.
  2. Notification to the selected applicants will be informed via circulation mail.
  3. Estimated date of result announcement: July – August 2017.


  1. Prizes and Certificates


  1. Certificate will be issued to all applicants.
  2. Prizes (i.e. tabletop telescope) will be presented to winners whose ideas is successfully selected and demonstrated by JAXA astronaut.


  1. Contact


Asian Try Zero-G Secretariat
National Planetarium
Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI)
Lot 53, Jalan Perdana
50480 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-2273 4303 / 5484                   
Fax: 03-2273 5488

Website: http://www.planetariumnegara.gov.my/


For application submission, email: tryzerog[at]gmail.com
For enquiry, email: tkjong[at]planet.gov.my

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Thursday, March 2, 2017