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Visitor Info

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  • Visiting the National Planetarium may take up to approximately 2 hours, depending on the number of people in a group and involved activities.


Planetarium Shows

  • Please refer to the latest shows schedule at our ticketing counter or here before visiting National Planetarium. Visitors are required to purchase ticket for the Planetarium show, and wait at the waiting area in front of the theatre entrance at least 15 minutes before the show starts. Tickets sold are not refundable.



  • Please take note that visitors are not allowed to make noise or disturb other audiences during the show in the theater. In any case of emergency, please talk to our officer on duty at the theater entrance or office near you. Any form of unauthorized recording is prohibited and stern action will be charged. Please switch off your phone or set it into silent mode.


Capture Memories

  • Visitors are allowed to take photo in the exhibition gallery of the National Planetarium. However, we do not allow any photos to be taken in the Space Theatre. This is to avoid from any disruption of the flash lights when the show is being screened.


Si Cilik Angkasa

  • Interested to join our Creative program?
  • Students aged between 6 and 10 years old are welcomed to join our Si Cilik Angkasa program. Si Cilik Angkasa program offers various hands-on activities with a combination of space science and art. Please contact us for more information.


Teachers Guide

4 Easy Steps Visiting Guidelines for School

Gather information about the operation hours, admission fee and shows schedule can be obtained from here.

  1. Bring along the payment exemption letter approved by ANGKASA (if any).
  2. Briefly describe the trip objective, duration and activity to be conducted during the visitation to your students.
  3. Teachers are responsible to monitor students’ movement when visiting the National Planetarium.
  4. For more information about astronomy and space technology, please logon to Space Science Education Portal at http://astronomi.angkasa.gov.my




  • Buses are allowed to drop off and pick up passenger in front of the National Planetarium. Vehicles parking area are also available for visitors.
  • Parents who came alone with children/ disabled/ people with chronic illness/ pregnant lady/ senior citizen, are allowed to park vehicle within the vicinity of the National Planetarium (please refer to our Security Officers for more information.


Note :
During the weekend or public holiday, visitors are allowed to park their vehicle within vicinity of National Planetarium.


Food and beverages

  • Visitors are not allowed to bring inside the outside food into the National Planetarium building and in any case, it should be left at the information counter. Variety of food can be bought from the National Planetarium Cafe, Planet Cafe. Visitors are encouraged to bring their own food and may enjoy having it at the National Planetarium, recreational park.


* Besides the Planet Cafe in Planetarium Negara, there are also several cafés/restaurants/stalls that can be found near to the National Planetarium. Such cafés/restaurants/stalls are located in the Tun Abdul Razak Memorial Park, the Bird Park, and the Islamic Centre.